fire departments

message from the fire chief

The basic objectives of all emergency services providers are life safety, incident stabilization and property conservation.  Simply put, people come first! Our firefighters at Eastern Pines are our greatest asset; all of the fire trucks and the gear they carry are important tools of the trade but they are useless without well-trained firefighters. For this reason training receives a lot of attention at Eastern Pines.  Second to training, we are committed to ensuring that our firefighters have the right equipment and tools to handle any emergency.  Thirdly, we strive to provide our citizens with economical fire protection that passes cost savings on to our property owners whenever possible. By effectively managing our tax district, fund raising and grant writing we feel we are accomplishing our goal to the best of our ability. The National Volunteer Fire Council’s Fire Department Costing Model Calculator estimates that EPFR saves each person in our district up to $570 - $890 per year for a total annual savings between $5.0 and $7.8 million dollars. In addition, by achieving a Public Protection Classification rating that is two points better than the minimum standard, property owners are the beneficiaries of significant fire insurance savings.
For example, if you own a stick-built home worth $100,000 you should pay $301 less in fire insurance premiums per year living in our fire district than if you lived in another district that only meets the minimum standard (class 9). Meanwhile you would only pay $.05 per $100 in property tax value towards fire protection, or approximately $50 per year. The effective result is $251 in your pocket each year! In closing, at Eastern Pines our motto is, “Striving to make a difference.” Everyone here understands that when a citizen finds themselves in need of our services that they are most likely having a bad day. It is our goal to make a difference for that person; to limit the impact of that incident on that person’s life as much as we possibly can.

line officers

  • Chief (34-20): Gary Arnold
  • Deputy Chief (34-21): John McFarling
  • Assistant Chief (34-22): Adam Brinkley
  • Captain (34-24): Zack Taylor
  • Captain (34-25): Brighton Mills
  • Lieutenant (34-27): Toby Bryson
  • Lieutenant (34-28): Joe Briley

administrative officers

  • President: Bob Milam
  • Finance Officer: Bob Milam
  • Administrative Officer: Toby Brison
  • Chaplin: Dr. Wayne Flora
  • Trustee: Gene Powell
  • Trustee: Joe Burris
  • Trustee: Nic Pantelidis
  • Alternate Trustee: Brad Johnston
  • Alternate Trustee: Mason May

incident reports